Fireplace Inspection is mandatory for sale or transfer of a property

Would you consider buying a new home without having an inspection performed? Of course not. Think of the hidden issues, especially an older house can have. Roof issues. Mold. Who knows? You can include chimney issues on that list as well. Therefore, it’s a smart move to getting a chimney & fireplace inspection only with a certified & professional company like Elite. Whether you are buying OR selling a home, avoiding any potentially surprising things that can pop-up during your transaction is obviously important.

Is the property in Chicago or in the surrounding Western Illinois suburbs? It’s in your best interest to rule out ANY unforeseen home issue. Chimney problems can easily fly under the radar if people aren’t paying attention. What if you ignore the inspection & things end up a lot worse than originally thought? It can greatly affect the negotiation process or even create an unexpected and costly future claim.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimneys, fireplaces & vents should be inspected yearly. Of course, you can never assume this was the case when purchasing a property, so it’s best to stay above board and get it inspected, no matter what. Here in Illinois, a ‘level 2’ fireplace inspection is required upon the sale or transfer of any property with a fireplace.

Your real estate transaction will require a full-service inspection team you can count on. Elite Chimney & Masonry has served all of the Chicago area suburbs & beyond since 2010 with only professional, thorough and well-documented chimney inspections. Our qualified technicians thoroughly review & inspect the hearth, flue lining, smoke shelf & chamber, chimney chase, crown, and all other components of your chimney and fireplace. Contact us to schedule a service today!