Chicagoland Chimney Sweeping

As a homeowner, you want to be sure that your chimney remains in its optimal state, not only to help reduce the risk of fire, but also to reduce the likelihood of health problems due to soot buildup in your chimney. However, if you are currently searching for a chimney cleaning company in Chicagoland or the surrounding areas, you may be having some troubles locating a business that meets your needs while also remaining within your budget. Fortunately, with ELITE Chimney and Masonry, you can be confident knowing that we have served the Chicagoland community since 1998, and we continue to remain committed to our customers today!

Chimney Repair and Sweeping Services In Chicagoland

  • Liners and Firebox Repair
  • Gas Line Inspection
  • Crown Inspection and Repair
  • Cap and Screen Installation
  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Damper Inspection and Repair
  • Chimney Inspection and Cleaning
  • Waterproofing
  • Chimney Maintenance and Repair

As you can see, our full offering of chimney cleaning services is designed to accommodate a wide variety of homeowners. We do this so that you can receive all of the chimney cleaning services that you need without having to contact a variety of businesses! If you don’t see a service listed above that you require, then reach out to our friendly team today so that we can further assist you!

Signs That You Should Contact a Chimney Sweeping Company

  • Chimney discoloration and soot buildup
  • Your fireplace produces unsettling smells
  • Your fires give off a large amount of smoke
  • Your fires don’t burn as brightly as they did before
  • Your chimney damper is damaged or faulty
  • You notice a pest infestation, such as nesting birds

If you are interested in receiving your no-hassle quote from a team of experienced professionals, reach out to ELITE Chimney and Masonry today! We are experts in chimney and fireplace cleaning, and we can’t wait to revitalize your home’s chimney!