At Elite Chimney and Masonry, we handle numerous chimney services for the Chicago area, including crown coating and custom crown concrete installation. We’ve been in business since 2010 and we’ve got more than two decades of experience, so you can feel confident that we can repair and replace them effectively.

But why is crown maintenance important, anyway? The job of the crown is to protect the mortar joints and masonry from water damage. The concrete will expand and contract due to temperature changes and, as that happens, cracks form. If water makes it into the cracks, it can freeze, expand the cracks, and speed up the deterioration process. Elastomeric coating can be used to seal the cracks, which improves the structural integrity and adds a layer of waterproofing. All of our coating includes a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. In more extreme situations, the crown will be totally replaced. Our team provides custom concrete crowns that are specifically designed to fit your chimney system.

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