1. Professional Masonry work at Elite

    Professional Masonry Services at Elite Chimney & Masonry

    In Chicago and the Western Suburban area we not only offer professional & comprehensive chimney care like inspections, sweeps, and preventative care, we also specialize in all types of masonry repair. The experienced & professional masons at Elite Chimney & Masonry will keep your chimney working great and long-lasting year after year. Professional & Experienced Masons All of our ch…Read More

  2. Western Suburbs of Chicago Masonry Services

    Masonry Services in the Western Suburbs of Chicago

    Elite Chimney & Masonry offers professional & comprehensive chimney care - including inspections, sweeps, installations, repair work, preventative care, and more. We also specialize in professional masonry services throughout Chicagoland and the Western suburban area that will keep your chimney working and lasting year after year, as well. Your chimney is made of stone, concrete & bric…Read More

  3. Chimney Sweeps

    Live in the Chicago area? Why choose Elite to sweep your fireplace

    Located in St. Charles, Elite Chimney & Masonry serves the suburbs of Chicago specializing in complete full-service chimney sweep & fireplace repair. Since 1998 our family-owned business & team of masons have been inspecting, restoring, and repairing chimneys as well as educating and advising our customers on how to properly maintain their chimneys in a safe & efficient manner. Our…Read More

  4. Chimney Repairs

    Chimney Repairs and Homeowners Insurance

    Hoping your fireplace & chimney repairs are covered under your homeowners insurance? In our experience most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the vast majority of cleanings & general maintenance. But it’s a popular question customers ask us. And who could blame them? In some cases they can have a claim of course. Some fine print we should state is all of this is general opinions…Read More

  5. Fireplace Inspection is mandatory for sale or transfer of a property

    Fireplace Inspection is Required if you are Buying or Selling a Home in Illinois

    Would you consider buying a new home without having an inspection performed? Of course not. Think of the hidden issues, especially an older house can have. Roof issues. Mold. Who knows? You can include chimney issues on that list as well. Therefore, it’s a smart move to getting a chimney & fireplace inspection only with a certified & professional company like Elite. Whether you are buyin…Read More

  6. Chimney Inspections from Elite Chimney and Masonry

    Winterize Your Fireplace with a Chimney Inspection

    If you live in Chicago or in any of the surrounding Illinois suburbs you know that coldest months of the year are almost here. It’s a good idea to get your fireplace up and running before it gets too cold, and before the busy holiday season arrives. Huddling around a fire all cozy at your home can really bring your family together during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, without regular upk…Read More

  7. Chimney fire prevention

    Keep Your Family Safe with Our Chimney Fire Prevention Tips

    Chimney fire prevention becomes even more important as we go from Fall to Winter and Chicagoland home owners light their fireplaces for the first time. The Chimney Safety Institute of America states nationwide, in 2012 there were 20 deaths, 60 injuries, $90+ million in damages all related to home fireplaces & chimneys. Naturally, you’re no expert on chimneys but keeping your family safe is t…Read More

  8. Don’t Have A Chimney Cap? Here Are The Top Reasons Why You Need One!

    Despite Chicagoland’s harsh winters, some homeowners rely on their modern HVAC systems over their fireplaces for heat and comfort. Conversely, there are many residents who rely on this hearth to keep their home at an ideal temperature no matter what the weather brings. Regardless of its usage, your chimney still requires a cap. This critical element helps to protect your home and your family, an…Read More

  9. Why You Should Have Your Chimney Cleaned

    Having your chimney inspected and cleaned by professionals is not only a good idea, but it is a necessity to ensuring that the integrity of your home is maintained throughout every season. Failing to do so can result in a number of problems that pose incredible safety risks for you, your home, and your family. For this reason, in today’s article on chimney sweeping, we’ll be talking about a fe…Read More