The average American city gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 inches of snow per year. Here in Chicago, we get a bit more with an average of 35 inches yearly. When it comes to rain, we can expect an average of 36 inches of the wet stuff.
During winter, an excess of moisture buildup can lead to ice damage. Traditional chimney brick sealants have a bad habit of trapping water vapor, causing it to condense, freeze, and cause internal damage to the bricks. At Elite Chimney and Masonry, we take steps to prevent these damages.

Applying Chimney Saver sealants to the brickwork of your chimney, we ensure your chimney is not just waterproof but also vapor-permeable. By allowing vapor to pass through the bricks, moisture is prevented from building up. Bricks stay dry, ice doesn’t expand and cause damage to the structure of the chimney, and you continue to have a chimney that looks and performs well.

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