If you have never had your chimney cleaned before by trained professionals, then there is a good chance that you are long overdue for a chimney sweeping. This procedure is relatively quick and easy, and it will leave your home’s chimney in a like-new condition that can benefit you in a number of different ways. In today’s article about chimney sweeping in Chicago, we will be outlining a few of the main reasons why you should consider having your chimney cleaned annually.

At ELITE Chimney and Masonry, we have helped countless individuals and families by providing them with the best chimney sweeping services in areas such as Elgin, Elmhurst, Geneva, Hinsdale, Evanston, and many other areas in and around Chicagoland. With more than 20 years of continued success, we offer both the skill and knowledge to ensure that your chimney and fireplace needs are exceeded in a timely and affordable manner. From damper repair and crown installation to complete chimney rebuilds, ELITE Chimney and Masonry continues to offer the widest range of services that you are sure to love. Read more below to learn about a few of the reasons why you should have your chimney cleaned by Illinois’ chimney sweeping professionals.

Chimney Fires

Recent data made available by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission found that there are more than 25,000 chimney and wood-burning stove fires each year in the United States alone, resulting in more than $125 million in damages. One of the main reasons for chimney fires is due to a harmful substance, known as creosote, that can build up on the interior of your chimney walls. Not only is this toxic substance highly flammable, but it can also pose a number or risks where your health is concerned such as the development of asthma, stomach pains, and other respiratory illnesses. For this reason, you should consider contacting a trained professional that can easily remove these harmful substances from your home!

Maximize Your Fireplace Efficiency

If you have been noticing that your fires haven’t been burning as brightly as they used to, then there is a good chance that your chimney is suffering from a buildup of soot and other harmful substances. Often times, turbulence in your chimney can start to occur once there is an excess buildup of creosote, causing the chimney draft to significantly slow. This will cause your fires to not have enough proper airflow, resulting in a much weaker fire as a whole. So, if you are noticing that your fires are lacking the intensity that they once possessed, then it may be wise to call the chimney sweeping professionals at ELITE Chimney and Masonry.

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