1. Don’t Have A Chimney Cap? Here Are The Top Reasons Why You Need One!

    Despite Chicagoland’s harsh winters, some homeowners rely on their modern HVAC systems over their fireplaces for heat and comfort. Conversely, there are many residents who rely on this hearth to keep their home at an ideal temperature no matter what the weather brings. Regardless of its usage, your chimney still requires a cap. This critical element helps to protect your home and your family, an…Read More

  2. The Top Signs Your Chicago Home Is In Need Of Chimney Repair Part 2

    For many Illinois residents, the fireplace serves as a symbol of warmth and comfort. The hearth provides these services in a literal sense, as well. Oftentimes, homeowners will fail to inspect their chimneys until something has gone wrong. If it’s been awhile since you’ve performed your own chimney inspection, we recommend scheduling 15 minutes to give your system a fall check. Any problems fo…Read More

  3. The Top Signs Your Chicago Home Is In Need Of Chimney Repair Part 1

    As a small and sturdy element within the home, residential chimneys often go unnoticed or neglected until something goes awry. In many cases, an old, decaying smokestack can be considered a serious fire concern, and for some homes, structural dangers as well. If you are a proud Illinois homeowner but are unsure when it is time to call for chimney repairs in Chicago, the team here at Elite Chimney …Read More