Western Suburbs of Chicago Masonry Services

Elite Chimney & Masonry offers professional & comprehensive chimney care – including inspections, sweeps, installations, repair work, preventative care, and more. We also specialize in professional masonry services throughout Chicagoland and the Western suburban area that will keep your chimney working and lasting year after year, as well.

Your chimney is made of stone, concrete & brick. Because of this you might think it’ll be strong forever. The fact is, as we all know, nothing lasts forever. If your chimney sustains any kind of damage due to weather or any other reason, you’ll need to partner with the right mason company to restore its beautiful & original structural integrity!

Experienced Masons
Since 2010, Elite Chimney & Masonry only hires talented professional masons who can work with a variety of stonework, custom designs, and all kinds of damaged chimneys. Masonry work is no place to cut corners. You need a pro and its important to start it and end it that way. We specialize in rebuilding and tuck pointing bricks & mortar to restore look & reliable functionality. We keep your chimney working safely and efficiently.

A few of the related services we offer are:

Inspections & Repairs
Before we can repair your chimney, we’ll need to set up scaffolding, tear down & dispose of old materials, as well as fully inspect your entire chimney system. The professionals at Elite Chimney & Masonry will determine the overall quality & choose brick types & colors to match your home while ONLY using industrial-grade mortar.

Total Chimney Rebuilds
If your chimney is leaning or is severely deteriorating, the wise move may be to have it rebuilt. For your and your family’s safety, its best to leave it up to the professionals at Elite to determine your chimney’s overall damage and what is needed next. We’ll tear down the old chimney, install a new concrete crown and rebuild the brick or stone stack.

Mortar Tuck Pointing
This term refers to the refinishing of old mortar joints. Cracking & crumbling masonry is called spalling masonry and is a big reason chimneys can have water damage. If spalling masonry is ignored, the problem WILL worsen and result in serious damage that compromises your safety. In order to repair spalling masonry, the chimney professional at Elite remove the crumbling bricks & old mortar and replace it with all new industrial grade mortar of equal strength, color, and consistency.  The end result is a shield against brick deterioration and other additional expensive problems!

Our service technicians are experienced and trained to make the most of our appointments & complete repairs 100% of the time as well as insure you & your family’s safety in the process. If you are located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and you are ready to schedule an appointment or you’d like more information – contact us online or call us at 630-279-7920 today!