1. Professional Masonry work at Elite

    Professional Masonry Services at Elite Chimney & Masonry

    In Chicago and the Western Suburban area we not only offer professional & comprehensive chimney care like inspections, sweeps, and preventative care, we also specialize in all types of masonry repair. The experienced & professional masons at Elite Chimney & Masonry will keep your chimney working great and long-lasting year after year. Professional & Experienced Masons All of our ch…Read More

  2. Western Suburbs of Chicago Masonry Services

    Masonry Services in the Western Suburbs of Chicago

    Elite Chimney & Masonry offers professional & comprehensive chimney care - including inspections, sweeps, installations, repair work, preventative care, and more. We also specialize in professional masonry services throughout Chicagoland and the Western suburban area that will keep your chimney working and lasting year after year, as well. Your chimney is made of stone, concrete & bric…Read More

  3. Chimney Repairs

    Chimney Repairs and Homeowners Insurance

    Hoping your fireplace & chimney repairs are covered under your homeowners insurance? In our experience most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the vast majority of cleanings & general maintenance. But it’s a popular question customers ask us. And who could blame them? In some cases they can have a claim of course. Some fine print we should state is all of this is general opinions…Read More