Professional Masonry work at Elite

In Chicago and the Western Suburban area we not only offer professional & comprehensive chimney care like inspections, sweeps, and preventative care, we also specialize in all types of masonry repair. The experienced & professional masons at Elite Chimney & Masonry will keep your chimney working great and long-lasting year after year.

Professional & Experienced Masons
All of our chimney sweep specialists are also talented & professional masons. We work with a robust variety of stonework, custom installs, and especially all types of damaged chimneys. When it comes to the structure & stability of a chimney its important to ONLY trust professional masons who know & understand solid masonry work. We offer any and all types of masonry services to keep your chimney working safe & efficient throughout the Chicagoland area.

Repointing & Tuckpointing
When your fireplace is falling apart, cracking, or crumbling its called spalling masonry and it’s a big problem. It’s an issue because it allows water to get in and cause havoc on your chimney & masonry. If it is not repaired your problem WILL get worse and result in serious water damage that compromises safety and results in costly repairs. When repairing broken, or spalling masonry a chimney professional removes the crumbling bricks & mortar and replaces everything with new mortar of equivalent strength and color. Failing to use mortar that matches or exceeds the quality of your current mortar will result in an even weaker chimney. You can trust the professionals at Elite Chimney & Masonry to properly match your old look and do the job safely & correct the first time!

Smoke Chamber Parge
What is this exactly? The section of your chimney right above the firebox and below the flue is the smoke chamber. It has a ‘smoke shelf’ that prevents smoke from falling back into the fireplace, has a sloped wall to direct the smoke into the flue, and thus enables the smoke to ultimately rise up and exit your chimney. When bricks become exposed and the slant is incorrect it will require a ‘parge’ to repair it. A professional mason at Elite Chimney & Masonry will install insulating refractory mortar to the smoke chamber walls keeping it up to code and SAFE. Ultimately, we will want these walls to be smooth & slanted to specific degree.

Mortar Crowns
Consider this the very important ‘roof’ for your chimney. We can professionally build this from scratch for any size chimney. Or if your issue is caught early enough, we can even properly repair your current chimney crown. Its very important to keep things regularly maintained by professionals and keeping things safe is what we at Elite are all about.

Our professional technicians are very experienced & trained to make the most of our appointments. We assess & complete repairs in a clean & timely manner and we always insure your safety in the process. Contact us today to if you live in the Suburbs of Chicago & need professional Masonry work!